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Management Services

Owner Services:

  • Provide monthly statements showing all income and disbursements.
  • Maintain Client’s Trust Account for rental income.
  • Maintain Security Deposit Account for all deposits.
  • Disburse and account for Security Deposit refunds.
  • Provide an Owner internet portal for viewing property statements.
  • Provide year-end statement and tax form 1099.

Services in regards to Tenants:

  • Advertise available rentals on the internet and newspapers.
  • Provide rental applications that comply with Landlord/Tenant laws.
  • Screen Tenants.
  • Background and credit checks.
  • Collect rents.
  • Serve 72 hour late notices.
  • Court appearances.
  • Show properties to perspective tenants.
  • Schedule and perform annual inspections.
  • Arrange emergency repairs promptly.
  • Arrange all required maintenance in a timely manner.
  • Services In regards to Vendors:

  • Screen vendors.
  • Keep documentation of Vendor licensing and insurance.
  • Periodic checks with CCB on licensing status.
  • Obtain repair bids and send out work orders.
  • Periodic reinspection after repairs have been completed.
  • Winterization program.